31 Oct

The TOEFL – One wasteful exam!!

The TOEFL – One wasteful exam!!

The TOEFL is one real cheap exam. I really wonder why universities actually ask for the TOEFL scores after we have got our great verbal scores from the GRE!!

Hardly a couple of hours of preparation and I was out with top honors! 227 – 283

November 11, 2005

31 Oct

A week long holiday!

A week long holiday!

Hindu ho ya Muslim, Deepavali ho ya Eid

Chutti Denge to ham sab tyohar manayenge!

It was a week long holiday! Thanks to the generous RNSIT Management, and the Education Board, which granted 4 days extra leave due to bad weather!

Yes Bad Weather in Bangalore, FLOODS to be precise.. I was so happy.. Finally some calamity in Bangalore, due to a minscule amount of rain.

And it was Deepavali, and i had lots of chores lined up to do! I had postponed so many chores due to my GRE and the Hands On Lab .. so got the time out to complete them.

Lots was happening on the Champ front, The Student Ambassador Nominations being called in, it was time for a Champ’s greatest recognotion. All the Champ’s nominated themselves with great enthusiasm and hope.

And of course – The Academic Projects and Imagine Cup 2006 Registrations being thrown open.. There was a lot of noise getting generated by the student developer community!

I painted the Store Room roof with a water proofing compound to prevent seepage. I made Pizzas on the occasion of Deepavali. Reviewed my dad’s stamp collection and stored them up in neat new boxes for later review. Phew!! This is one hell of a week. And still I am half done!

And still have my TOEFL on the 11th!! Have to prepare for that.

November 2, 2005

31 Oct

THE GRE – One Fateful Exam

THE GRE – One Fateful Exam

Date : 26th Oct 2005

One Fateful Day, I had spent over Rs 6.5k for this..  if it dint go well.. I would be shattered!

The day of the GRE. And you could call me the least prepared examinee! I was so unprepared that i wasnt even getting tense.

My friend too was taking it the same day. Her preparations were pretty much exhaustive.

Everything went well. The exam was over. I was a bit lucky, got lots of questions i had seen before. So i sailed pretty smoothly. And i was shocked to see an out of out score in Quant!! Unbelievable!

So the day went about bragging abt my high quant score to all my relatives and friends!

The next day –  Back to daily life again, it was Thursday, but luckily nothing to write for the Java Lab. It had been over a week since i last attended college. All my classmates congratulated me. I was elated.

October 26th, 2005

31 Oct

The .NET Hands On Lab

The .NET Hands On Lab

After long toiling in the College Computer labs and running around from pillar to post for getting things done for the BDotNETSTudent Hands On Lab on the 16th Oct. Two weeks i had spent for this. And ultimately we had just three labs instead of four since one lab did not configure properly.

And what next, I had to conduct the proceedings in one entire lab the whole day!! I had not prepared one bit for this. Thanks to Bhaskar, the Champ from PESIT, i could somehow manage three sessions through the day.

Since it was a Sunday, no faculty was coming. This got the Princi worried, since outside students were coming. SO he called up my place at 8AM to tell that he would be coming to college to start the proceedings. I was completely awed having my Princi call up my home!!

The events went on smoothly though we delayed the start a bit and overshot our time, it was a great day altogether

AT 6PM, it was all over, the Certificates were distributed, CD’s were given away, the labs were handed back to the incharge and we were done for the day!

The next day – The NEtworks Lab, writing its record and observation book, and the daily life resumed.

Wednesday November 2, 2005

31 Oct

The Joe Wilson Meet – Grand Ashok!!

Joe Wilson Meet

The preparations for the Joe Wilson meet had although started online long back.. all official planning was done saturday night.. and the champ meet extended till 9:30pm.. probably the longest we have ever stayed together… but it was great fun.. the whole crowd is coming up as a single friendly unit… Mom is out in mangalore so i was free to stay out late and so went with Sunil and Sharath for dinner and came home at 11…. And after all this.. all we had done was just the planning… we had our agenda laid out for the meeting with Joe Wilson… All work was to be done after or during the UG Meet on sunday…

September 24, 2005