31 Oct

A week long holiday!

A week long holiday!

Hindu ho ya Muslim, Deepavali ho ya Eid

Chutti Denge to ham sab tyohar manayenge!

It was a week long holiday! Thanks to the generous RNSIT Management, and the Education Board, which granted 4 days extra leave due to bad weather!

Yes Bad Weather in Bangalore, FLOODS to be precise.. I was so happy.. Finally some calamity in Bangalore, due to a minscule amount of rain.

And it was Deepavali, and i had lots of chores lined up to do! I had postponed so many chores due to my GRE and the Hands On Lab .. so got the time out to complete them.

Lots was happening on the Champ front, The Student Ambassador Nominations being called in, it was time for a Champ’s greatest recognotion. All the Champ’s nominated themselves with great enthusiasm and hope.

And of course – The Academic Projects and Imagine Cup 2006 Registrations being thrown open.. There was a lot of noise getting generated by the student developer community!

I painted the Store Room roof with a water proofing compound to prevent seepage. I made Pizzas on the occasion of Deepavali. Reviewed my dad’s stamp collection and stored them up in neat new boxes for later review. Phew!! This is one hell of a week. And still I am half done!

And still have my TOEFL on the 11th!! Have to prepare for that.

November 2, 2005

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