31 Oct

THE GRE – One Fateful Exam

THE GRE – One Fateful Exam

Date : 26th Oct 2005

One Fateful Day, I had spent over Rs 6.5k for this..  if it dint go well.. I would be shattered!

The day of the GRE. And you could call me the least prepared examinee! I was so unprepared that i wasnt even getting tense.

My friend too was taking it the same day. Her preparations were pretty much exhaustive.

Everything went well. The exam was over. I was a bit lucky, got lots of questions i had seen before. So i sailed pretty smoothly. And i was shocked to see an out of out score in Quant!! Unbelievable!

So the day went about bragging abt my high quant score to all my relatives and friends!

The next day –  Back to daily life again, it was Thursday, but luckily nothing to write for the Java Lab. It had been over a week since i last attended college. All my classmates congratulated me. I was elated.

October 26th, 2005

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