31 Oct

The .NET Hands On Lab

The .NET Hands On Lab

After long toiling in the College Computer labs and running around from pillar to post for getting things done for the BDotNETSTudent Hands On Lab on the 16th Oct. Two weeks i had spent for this. And ultimately we had just three labs instead of four since one lab did not configure properly.

And what next, I had to conduct the proceedings in one entire lab the whole day!! I had not prepared one bit for this. Thanks to Bhaskar, the Champ from PESIT, i could somehow manage three sessions through the day.

Since it was a Sunday, no faculty was coming. This got the Princi worried, since outside students were coming. SO he called up my place at 8AM to tell that he would be coming to college to start the proceedings. I was completely awed having my Princi call up my home!!

The events went on smoothly though we delayed the start a bit and overshot our time, it was a great day altogether

AT 6PM, it was all over, the Certificates were distributed, CD’s were given away, the labs were handed back to the incharge and we were done for the day!

The next day – The NEtworks Lab, writing its record and observation book, and the daily life resumed.

Wednesday November 2, 2005

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