07 Oct

Long time; No see

Its been ages since I last blogged. And the reason is not that Ive not had a motivation sufficient enough to put it online. Instead blame it on the IT Industry, of which I am just another lame victim.

I have many stories to tell. And probably I shall pen them down (oops, type them down rather) in the coming days. And they will all have a common theme in them. That of respect for humanity and the essence of life. Why this is so, I do not know myself. But being a lame spectator to innocent crimes that we all consciously commit in our day to day lives has brought out such thoughts in me.

And of course, the long trips to office have given me the time and patience to reflect upon such thoughts. And I might dare say, I am not alone.

Jago Blogger Jago – that’s what I had to tell myself to write up atleast this post. Lets hope I get the drive to actually blog my thoughts in the coming days/weeks/months/years/decades/eons!!

Your thoughts please..