31 Oct

Rajkumar Demise

Rajkumar Demise

If you expected to see a photo of Rajkumar on this post, well what was more visible than his death actually was the wide spread arson and looting that followed after his death. There is a big political issue to debate on why riots actually happened on the natural death of a great peace loving actor.

It is rumoured that some opposition party leaders, in order to spoil the government’s image, brought in 12 trucks of hooligans from outside sources and dispersed entire cases of liquor to them and asked them to spread out and wreak havoc.

At the end of it all, it was a shame to a city like Bangalore and loss of 8 lives and about 200 Crore rupees. Thats peanuts to win an election.. some politicians would argue.

Sunday April 16, 2006

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