31 Oct

Hands on Lab – 7th May, RNSIT

RNSIT Hands On Lab

I finally succeded in completing the long awaited and planned .NET hands on lab after cancellation at East Point college. I had to do a lot of running around with bills running up into three thousands.

I had taken entire responsibility of Getting the tickets printed, distributing the tickets, getting the stickers for the CDs printed, getting the CDs, burning stuff on the CDs (almost over 130 cds.) and then the certificates too needed to be designed and printed. And also the design for the CD stickers was also by me.

Finally the day dwaned and everything was cool and smooth with no last minute glitches. Things went compeletly normal and we even sponsored lunch to all the attendees which was previously not on the menu. Thanks to the canteen which was kept open on a sunday.

And on top of that i delivered three sessions all along the day in two different labs which were seperated by a kilometer i suppose. SO i must have done around 100 kms of running around today between labs, office and the canteen.

But what makes me happy is that it went really smooth with the amount of prepartion that we had for the sessions, with a few last minute drop outs by the speakers.

Check out some more snaps here: http://groups.msn.com/bdotnetstudent/handsonlabs.msnw

Sunday May 7, 2006

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