27 Jan

Slumdog Piracy

I went to the theater to watch the most talked about movie in recent times. At Rs.180 a ticket, on the premiere weekend, I’d say it was a steal. The movie is worth a watch. Its worth every bit of the hype and I just cant stop talking good about it.The cinematography, music and editing are perfect. If this movie doesn’t win an Oscar for cinematography atleast, then I’d surely love to watch the movie that ousted this one. I met a few friends that evening and all of them had already seen the movie. It was the premiere weekend. But I wasn’t surprised. I’d got the downloaded movie on my pen drive too, about three days ago. The movie was available for download since long. Now for those who don’t know what Piracy is, this is it!

Freida Pinto in Slumdog Millionaire

There is a line in the movie – “You wanted to see the real India. Well, this is it!”. I guess this is it. A movie that is making us proud the world over is being downloaded by people far from the slums, and maybe closer to that Million without having to sit in the hot seat. 2 things I want to clarify: I download and watch movies too. I accept that. But for a movie that’s running in the theaters, one that’s making news world over, one that’s got 10 Oscar nominations, I would definitely want to watch it in the theater. That’s a given. The effect of watching a movie in the theater is an experience in its own, be it any movie. The sound, the ambience and the whole surroundings and the time you dedicate to just watch the movie and nothing else.

Go watch the movie in the theater. I heard from many sources that Slumdog Millionaire isn’t good at all. You may be right. You have the right to your tastes. I don’t deny that right. But have you seen the movie in the theater? No! Then you ain’t got no right to talk about how good or bad it is. Go to the theater, watch it and if you still cant like it, nobody is forcing you to accept that you liked it. Go tell the world.

Avoid Piracy! I don’t give a damn about asking you to buy original DVD’s and stuff. I want people to have a better experience with their movies which you will never have in a 14 inch laptop with mono speakers or even with a 42 inch Samsung LCD HDTV and the best Bose surround system. Trust me. The theater is better any day!

And movies like Slumdog and the encouragement it’s getting from the film makers just inspires me!