15 Oct

A story of Human Pride


Starting today, I am putting up a series of stories that really speak of us, Humans and our interactions with our mother, planet Earth. These are an array of thoughts that look at reality through a different dimension from what we are commonly used to. Read on and be proud that you are human.

Chapter 1

An ecosystem of Dinosaurs and Humans

Humans today are undoubtedly the most dominating species on this planet.

65 Million years ago there was another kind of species that dominated this planet and plagued it. They are collectively called the dinosaurs.

Now fact is that something happened and the dinosaurs were wiped out from the face of the earth. What this something was, we have no idea. But it sure was pretty effective as we see no dinosaurs in our zoos today.

Is a little fear creeping into you now? Do you see the similarity that we have with the dinosaurs? If you didn’t, it must be pretty evident by now.

Humans are empowered with a superior brain using which we have fought off the environmental challenges and extremes that earth has to offer. And to a good amount of success, no doubt. In contrast, other species that exist on this planet seem far behind in the race of evolution. They just don’t seem to have it in them. So according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, its our moral duty to the planet to wipe out all other species as we are the most fit.

<Beeep/> Lets go back on that a bit. Are we really the fittest? How do you define fit? How do you define superiority? Are humans really the most superior specie on the planet? Of course we are. Can you think of animals that could drop atom bombs, divide themselves into religions and hate each other, emit toxic elements into the atmosphere and have great world wars where entire species of the animals would walk into a battle field with a weapons in hand and swallow bullets in the head!! Of course not. And that’s what makes us SUPERIOR. Superior, like the dinosaurs once were.

To be Contd..

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