31 Oct

Reservations & Quotas

Why do we need reservations for Backward castes and SC/STs in higher educational institutions like IITs and IIMs which are the nations pride and other Medical insitutes that are churning out world class doctors and engineering colleges that are producing renowned engineers and in other fields as well? 

Is it that god has given the people of the backward castes with lesser brains or that they are incapable of scoring in exams on par with others?

Well thats what the government seems to think. And the people of the backward castes are shamelessly dancing around that they will be reserved a seat in an IIM no matter what marks they get. It is such a shame to the Human race that the government is telling them that ‘you’ dont have brains and they are happy about it!!

If the government so feels, let it give financial aid to poor students. Let them pay the fees of the deserving students who have the brains but lack the finance to take up an MBA at an IIM. But why should merit always bare the brunt? That is only because the government is chasing after votes of the backward communities by luring them with pleasures like these. My message to the backward castes: It is not a favour they are doing to you, instead they are showing you down in comparison with the rest of the world. Do you like that?

The government doesnt want to provide financial aid to the poor students since they dont want to spend any money on these issues, because they want to keep the money for their own selfish guilty pleasures. What they dont realise is that in the long run, the nation is going to pay such a huge price that we will never be able to recuperate from the damage. INDIA is falling and unless we do something about it today, there is not much hope left for the educated in this country. Better book your tickets to US, UK, AUS etc..

We are not against the Backward castes. We are with them, and they do need the extra sops because they have been down trodden since the ages. But hey, that must be limited to school level. Once they finish school, they are as well educated as any in the world and as mature as to decide what they want to do in life. If they so want to become doctors, can they not compete with the masses and become legitimate doctors and get great name and fame to the country? Frankly, if you become a doctor through the quota scheme, then how long will you survive being a doctor, with no knowledge, no grasp of the subject and failing influence over your patients. I am not saying that doctors from the quota scheme are incapable, but the system itself has made them think that they are incapable and that they need the reservation in order to pass an exam. Message is, if you are from a backward caste and can read and comprehend this post, then better stop thinking that you are in anyway less than the others in the world and start competing because you can win, without the reservations.

Here is a classic example: VTU, Karnataka introduced a subject titled ‘The Consititution of INDIA and Professional Ethics’ to the 2006 batch of Engineers. It is definetly a great idea by the University to teach us what are our rights and what are our duties to the nation. But what they did with it is that they changed the scheme to an objective type with a 2 level grading system. You can either PASS or FAIL in it and the marks you get in that subject will not be revealed. Hence it became a trend that we study only for passing because we know that no matter how well we score or how bad we do, we will still reach the same goal as long as we get the minimum passing marks. Having this attitude, even the topper in the university will only concentrate on this subject as much as to pass it, since there is no point in trying to score a 100% when it doesnt matter one bit, eventhough he can score very well if he really puts his mind to it.

Get the idea? That is what has been going on with the Reservation system. The backward castes are guaranteed a seat or job provided they have very little marks compared to the others among the general merit. So if a student even wishes to study well and get good marks, he is stopped by the reservations telling him that it doesnt matter how much marks he gets, he will still succeed in gettin that seat or job. So why will he study?

Thats my point on the reservation system prevailent in the country. The government is dividing the students, who will be the future of the nation into castes and religions. WE stand in unity. Dont let this happen. We have a country to save. After reading this post, im sure even the backward community will support our cause.

One thought on “Reservations & Quotas

  1. i totally agree with your view….most of us think about it,crib about it…and that’s the end about of it…

    those who want to help it… can’t help it
    and those who can probabaly help it, won’t help it….
    real sad..
    (politicians versus NGOs..who win.it’s nice if i don’t mention it)

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